Power Yoga:  A powerful, dynamic & sweaty all levels class designed to challenge, awaken, detoxify & purify every system, muscle, and tissue of the body. This energetic flow style class guides students towards greater awareness of self, personal transformation, and empowerment. It will sculpt, tone and condition both your body and mind. This class is appropriate for all levels. Modifications and variations are encouraged to support and accommodate individual needs and experience levels.   

Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga:  This Class is linking breath and movement. It is a dynamic, flowing practice which cultivates strength, flexibility, balance, focus, and endurance. It tones and sculpts the entire body allowing for rapid results. All classes are taught in a heated room, approximately 95-100 degrees with 60% humidity to encourage sweating, detoxification, and cleansing of the entire body! Classes are open to all levels of experience. Students are encouraged to listen to the inner wisdom of their bodies, progressing at a pace that is appropriate and respectful. Come and experience this powerful, transforming practice for yourself!

Alignment Flow: A therapeutic approach to a flow based class. Alignment Flow is thoughtfully guided taking into account the importance balancing strength and flexibility. With a strong focus on safe anatomical alignment, this class moves slow and rhythmic, giving time to build strength and move in and out of poses safely, with increased awareness. This class is deeply energizing and grounding.