teacher bios (non-grid)

Meaghan Minogue – Owner and Director

Meaghan has been practicing yoga since 2001 and teaching since 2007. She believes in the power of yoga to transform our relationship with ourselves. Yoga is a tool for looking within, observing what we see, and aligning ourselves with what is truly in our hearts. Through the physical part of the yoga practice (asana), we begin a journey into the body—healing/preventing injury, strengthening, and becoming more flexible. The asanas coupled with pranayama (controlled breathing) and bandhas (energy locks)  aim at creating space in the body, building vitality, steadiness in the mind and ease in the heart.

Meaghan’s teaching is a synthesis of alignment-based vinyasa (linking breath and movement), pranayama to steady the mind, and philosophical teachings to help guide students to a place within themselves where they sense their own unique power, confidence, and truth. She uses the anatomical focus and the yogic teachings as a way to find presence and self acceptance. Meaghan is deeply influenced by her meditation practices and the powerful practice of yoga nidra….a deep guided relaxation to release stored tension in the body and mind. These practices have been immensely powerful in her attaining a deeper peace and self-reliance.

Meaghan’s initial 200 hour training was completed with Don and Amba Stapleton at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Over the years she has been influenced by many, but to name a few powerful ones….Elena Brower, Christina Sell, Coral Brown, and currently Rod Stryker.


Anjali Budreski BA, MS, RYT, is a yogini, ‘themestress’, entrepreneur, and lover of life!  Anjali founded and opened Yoga Mountain Center (now Embodied) in Montpelier, Vermont in 2003, which she grew and developed for 11 years.  Through her passion and commitment to yoga and community she developed the studio into a reputable and thriving yoga center & healing arts space.  Anjali teaches public classes and workshops at Embodied in Montpelier, Kula Center in Stowe & other locations in Vermont and beyond.

Anjali is passionate about sharing her love of yoga with others and has been immersed in the study and practice of Yoga since 2000.  She has completed comprehensive 200-hour teacher trainings in both Kripalu and Anusara Yoga, has taught workshops and trainings at Kripalu Center, and has trained and practiced with a wide variety of gifted asana and philosophy teachers.  Ultimately, Anjali has come to discover the undeniable Truth that the greatest teacher lives within.  She encourages her students to cultivate this inner resource, trust their deepest knowings and follow their own hearts and internal cues both on and off the mat.

Anjali’s classes are powered by the beauty, potency, and alchemy of nature, as well as her inquiry into personal growth and evolution through the lens of Yoga, Meditation, Contemplative Psychology, Somatic Experiencing, and Tantric Philosophy.  Her sessions are both grounding and soul-lifting, guiding students to safely deepen their practice and open their hearts.  Anjali creates a joyful and nourishing space for her students to expand and thrive.

She leads retreats, workshops & trainings both nationally and internationally, including retreats in Vermont, Cape Cod & Costa Rica.  Anjali feels most at home by the ocean or nestled in the gorgeous green mountain state of Vermont, which she calls home-base!


Meronica Cowan discovered yoga at age 14 and formed an immediate and lasting bond to her practice.  She received her 200hr training from Fred Busch in power Yoga while living in Lima Peru , she is working toward her 500hr certification .  She has been inspired and influenced by Pantanjali , Swami Venkatesanda Rodney Yee and  Sri Dharma Mittra.  Meronica invites all levels to enjoy a powerful yet lighthearted and positively energetic yoga experience with her.


Heather Neff has been a practicing yogi for over 12 years. She became interested in teaching yoga when she took a yoga training in college to receive an initial teaching certificate.  She has since completed her 200 hour YTT in beautiful Kauai with an emphasis on ayurvedic living under Myra Lewin.  Full of passion and knowledge in these areas she teaches by placing emphasis on alignment and linking breath with movement.  Her intention is to create a sustainable practice for everyone which fosters the time for an inward journey.  When she is not on her mat Heather enjoys being in nature, artwork, cooking, gardening, quality time with loved ones and traveling.


Judith completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in classical hatha yoga at Sivananda Vendanta Center in 2006 and later received her 5oo hour certification with Sri Dharma Mittra and the Dharma Yoga Center in New York. Through the years Judith has practiced and studied with many wonderful teachers that have informed her understanding of the powerful teachings of yoga and the positive effects they can have on daily life. Whether teaching a vigorous flow or a slow and mindful hatha class, her knowledge and interest in anatomy filters into her instruction in order to create a safe foundation through out the practice; but most of all she strives to create a joyful class, a sense of community and the freedom to learn and discover the true self.

Judith believes that balancing effort and ease on the mat translates to balancing the same off of the mat. Judith is also a massage therapist, esthetician, and integrative health coach. You can learn more about her at www.sauchavt.com.


Nancy Borg has been practicing Yoga for more than 25 years.  She became 200 RYT Hatha certified in March 2012 and has been teaching steadily since that time.  She was certified to teach Yin Yoga in February of this year (2016) with Sagel Urlacher.  She has completed many workshops to remain Yoga Alliance certified, including Dharma Yoga workshop with Sri Dharma Mittra a couple of years ago.  Her practice has been strong for many years in Hatha Flow, which she loves, but she has come to love her Yin practice as well.  She is fond of the intersection between Yin and Hatha, allowing the muscles to relax while working the connective tissues and alternatingly allowing the connective tissues to relax while the muscles work.  Yin and Yang.  She truly enjoys sharing her practice, and especially when she can help someone discover their “aha” moment with a posture.


She lives, works, practices and teaches here in Stowe.  She is grateful the many opportunities for growth of mind, body, and spirit she’s been afforded in her life.  Continuing on this path has become such an important part of who she is.


Faith Bieler’s personal practice of yoga has brought her peace, health, & joy in living each day.  She teaches in order to share this blessing.

She chose Kripalu training from the many approaches to yoga because it emphasizes Joy, Spiritual Wisdom and Creative sequences.  Her classes guide students to stretch, strengthen and open all layers of self (physical,mental,emotional, spiritual).  Most importantly, she teaches to her students to take their yoga off the mat, helping to navigate life and to support their actions and relationships everyday.


She lives on a farm with all the “trappings”: veggies, animals, children, grandchildren, beautiful hills & forests.

500 hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hour  Yoga Kids International Training, 200 hour Baptiste Yoga with Weights Training,Philosophy 101, 6 Weeks Course Judith Lasater




Patricia Dansereau
I love how B.K.S Iyengar says it, “yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured, and endure what cannot be cured.”  My approach to yoga is structural in the physical body, and therapeutic to the body, mind, emotions, and energetic field. I am currently finishing up a masters degree in Counseling at Johnson State College. I am entering another year of full time work at the Laraway School, a school program for high risk youth, and just started working a position with the clinical team. At Laraway I run yoga and mindfulness groups for students as well as staff. I am also halfway through a 600-hour training to become a certified yoga therapist. My professional goal is to be a psychologist and therapeutic yoga instructor, and as I move towards my professional goals I am honored and humbled by guiding yoga classes. I view yoga as therapy in many different ways. Moving through pranayama and Asana sequences can hold different functions for people at different times in their lives. Each individual in a class has a different relationship to their practice and I hold space and honor to life growth that people are moving through at the presenting time. I hope to practice with you! With integrity!

Yoga is a great balancer, balancing mental, physical and spiritual health. As we practice we build awareness of the ground beneath our feet and our reach to the stars. We are a community, and yoga has the potential to slough off the cranky misnomers of division and align us to our more authentic self as well as to that of one another. I have had the delight to practice yoga for decades, under several incredible teachers from India, Tibet, Burlington, New York and Stowe. May all beings find happiness.  – Jacquie Mauer

Marcie Scudder – Almost 20 years ago, and in the midst of her own personal life-challenges, Marcie turned to a daily practice of yoga as a means of grounding, centering and quieting her mind. By the yoking together of breath and movement, she found stillness, her voice, and the strength that she needed within.

In 2012, she completed her 200-hr yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Krama Yoga tradition from Inner Strength Studios in Boston. As an artist, she believes that  we are all innately creative, and that it is through our physical bodies that we connect to our creative souls. As a yoga instructor, her intention is to support, guide and quietly lead her students towards uncovering their true voice – from the self…through the self…to the self. She believes that the practice is simply about showing up, letting go and doing the work with conscious awareness and mindfulness. There is no prize at the end of the pose.

Marcie aims to create a safe space in which her students can experiment and explore. Beginning with the foundation and breath, she seeks the connection between spirit and creativity, the balance between effort and ease, and the energy and joy that comes with the discipline of daily practice.

In other pursuits, Marcie is committed to sharing the teachings through her art. In the early mornings, you will often find her out and about with her two beloved Austrailan Shepherd pups and her camera, experieincing and recording the moment just as it is. You can check out her Daily Practice and website at www.marciescudder.com.


Liz has been practicing yoga for over 15 years.  She came to yoga originally to help balance her running and support her through the raising of her two beautiful daughters.  Today yoga has become a way to deepen her understanding of herself and support others in this journey.  Liz completed her 200 RYT at Laughing River Yoga in May, 2015 and has trained with the Veterans Yoga Project and Bodhi Mind and Yoga.  As well she recently completed an intensive Anatomy and Physiology course with Shivashakti School of Yoga in Maine. Liz is interested in yoga therapy as it pertains to both stress and physical limitations and works to emphasize a safe and intentional space for students to practice.