Meaghan Minogue

Meaghan Minogue – Owner and Director

Meaghan has been practicing yoga since 2001 and teaching since 2007. She believes in the power of yoga to transform our relationship with ourselves. Yoga is a tool for looking within, observing what we see, and aligning ourselves with what is truly in our hearts. Through the physical part of the yoga practice (asana), we begin a journey into the body—healing/preventing injury, strengthening, and becoming more flexible. The asanas coupled with pranayama (controlled breathing) and bandhas (energy locks)  aim at creating space in the body, building vitality, steadiness in the mind and ease in the heart.

Meaghan’s teaching is a synthesis of alignment-based vinyasa (linking breath and movement), pranayama to steady the mind, and philosophical teachings to help guide students to a place within themselves where they sense their own unique power, confidence, and truth. She uses the anatomical focus and the yogic teachings as a way to find presence and self-acceptance. Meaghan is deeply influenced by her meditation practices and the powerful practice of yoga nidra….a deep guided relaxation to release stored tension in the body and mind. These practices have been immensely powerful in her attaining a deeper peace and self-reliance.

Meaghan’s initial 200-hour training was completed with Don and Amba Stapleton at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Over the years she has been influenced by many, but to name a few powerful ones….Elena Brower, Christina Sell, Coral Brown, and currently Rod Stryker.

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