Community Class:  Community is a donation-based, all-levels class. 

Hatha 1 + 2: Hatha is a practice that encompasses many styles of yoga. In this particular class you will find a blend of sun salutations, a bit of vinyasa (linking breath and movement with a focus on alignment), a strong focus on breath and bandhas (energy locks which are designed to contain and build energy in the body)…all aimed at creating spinal flexibility and a deeply focused mind. A challenging yet widely accessible practice with a focus on physical and energetic alignment.

Kripalu 1 + 2:  A dynamic class rooted in asana, philosophy, and pranayama. A perfect class to ease into your day including sun salutes, invigorating standing, balancing, backbends, forward folds, twists and inversions to create a well-balanced class. Breath work is weaved into the practice to open the body and a grounded presence for your mind. See you on the mat!

Yin Yoga + Mindfulness Meditation: Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation are deeply sacred practices with roots tracing back more than 2000 years.  This practice exercises the connective tissues (bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and fascia) including lumbar spine.  Using stillness and long holds, it strengthens, re-lengthens, and hydrates the connective tissues throughout the body, especially in our joints, areas most critical to maintaining proper mobility and flexibility as we age.  This practice also opens the Nadis or Meridians helping Prana to flow in a more balanced manner.  The ancient practice of Mindfulness Meditation is interwoven throughout the practice to bring spaciousness to the Mind while the Yin postures create space in the body.

In a Yin Yoga practice, you would go into a posture at your edge and hold the posture for anywhere between 2-20 minutes.  In this class, we will figure out where your edge is and hold the postures between 2-6 minutes, while breathing and practicing Mindfulness Meditation.  Imagine holding a posture, relaxing your muscles while working the connective tissues, closing your eyes, breathing Prana through your body, and Meditating.