restorative//yoga nidra

2 hours of complete relaxation and release from stress and tension! We will begin with one hour of Restorative yoga accompanied with gentle adjustments, Reiki, and Essential Oils to help prepare you for the next hour of Yoga Nidra and Tibetan Healing Bowl Sound Bath. Restorative Yoga is done using blankets, blocks and straps to ease you into beautifully relaxing long held postures. Yoga Nidra is referred to as Yogic sleep (a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping), done while lying Savasana with a few props, setting a Sankalpa (an intention formed in the heart) and following a set of verbal instructions. Following Yoga Nidra we will remain in Savasana and go deeper to the sounds of Tibetan Healing Bowl Sound Bath.

SUN, SEP 22, 2019, 4-6pm

COST: $35


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