pre/postnatal yoga + childbirth education classes

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Postnatal Yoga – focus on gentle, flowing movement, as well as, breathing + relaxation to invite peace + stability back into mama’s body + mind.

Come enjoy a calm, safe space where feeding, diapering + open minded discussion are encouraged – babies welcome! Safe for all levels, including new students + those who have experienced c-section.

Prenatal Yoga – Specifically designed for women + their growing babies. We focus on breathwork, stretching, strength building, + balancing postures that help to prepare the body + mind for the process of giving birth. Each class is a unique experience tailored to all stages of pregnancy.

Yoga Born– Childbirth Education Classes

You will learn:

  • tools for building strength, energy + flexibility during
  • pregnancy using the ancient art of yoga
  •  partner yoga + massage to manage pain during labor
  •  breathing techniques, breath awareness, + relaxation strategies
  •  optimal labor + birthing positions
  • signs of early labor + the stages of labor from start to finish
  • tips for coping with + minimizing common pregnancy discomforts

No experience necessary for pre/post natal classes.

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