anatomy + functional movement

2 Yoga Anatomy and Functional Movement Workshops with Margaret Pitkin E-RYT-500

Join Margaret Pitkin, experienced yoga teacher, teacher trainer, and Doctor of Physical Therapy student and for some anatomy and movement fun this fall! These classes will include discussion, movement, and somatic learning opportunities, both are eligible for continuing education credit through the Yoga Alliance(for registered yoga teachers) and all levels of student are welcome!

September 9 – The Deep Core (Iliopsoas, Transverse Abdominis, and Longus Colli)
Explore the deep stabilizing muscles of the core; balanced function of these muscles is an important component of preventing and decreasing back and neck pain and creating stability on the yoga mat and beyond.

October 14 – Rotating hips, rotating shoulders (An exploration of healthy shoulder and hip mechanics in yoga practice)
The shoulder has the most available movement of any joint in the body, and the hip is one of the body’s most vital weight-bearing joints, come learn the fundamentals of enhancing and controlling this movement in a way that supports life-long shoulder and hip happiness.

COST: $30 or $50 for both workshops


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