Living with Emotional Freedom: Part 1

I am by no means an expert in this. I falter a lot. Sometimes I lose my shit and I am less than the graceful version I aspire to be. But there is a thing or two I have learned over the years that I want to share. I have a few valuable tools in my tool belt that have significantly aided in my emotional freedom. When I practice these tools consistently, I find more sustained freedom. It is not about perfection, but dedicated practice.

So what are these tools? In the spirit of not overwhelming you with too much information, I will talk about one today.

I’ll bring out the big gun first…awareness. Just awareness. Seems simple enough, right? But when you are in the thick of a pretty strong trigger/story/thought it is hard to practice awareness. The untamed mind is strong and wild.  It takes effort to not be controlled by the mind, A LOT of effort. The untamed mind is REALLY good at finding justification for the reasons we experience certain things. It wants to reason and understand. When we bring the energy of awareness to our experience, we pull ourselves out of being “in” what we are experiencing so that we can be “with” what we are experiencing.  The energy of awareness brings you to a place between reaction and conscious response. I recommend trying this first when you feel neutral. Trying this for the first time when you are strongly blended with a trigger you experience, it can be challenging to sit with. The more you practice just being aware, the more skillful you will become. The more skillful you become, you will begin to see what is true and what is false.

Keep in mind the word practice. Coupled with that is a patient mind. This is a process of patience and persistance. So it takes work, but be easy with yourself.

To begin this proccess start by closing your eyes, pay attention to the breath moving in and the breath moving out, and observe the thoughts. Be mindful to suspend any judgement or evaluation of your experience, JUST BE AWARE. That actually will be a little mantra or saying I’ll say if I find myself getting a little stuck, “just awareness, just be aware.” Try it! Let me know how it goes.

All the other tools stem from awareness. Afterall, we cannot change anything we are not conscious of. And it is really all about first becoming aware of the habit patterns of the mind and then consciously shifting our attention. And if you spend 5 minutes practicing watching the thoughts in the mind, you will quickly see how  unreliable and untrue most of the thoughts we think are. So try the above and leave a comment or question below.

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